Young, Scrappy, and Cozy

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Young, Scrappy, and Cozy
Young, Scrappy, and Cozy

Because you are not throwin’ away your shot.

The pattern began as a Mystery Knit a Long with 4 clues. 
Now that the mystery has been revealed, the pattern is still written in 4 parts (“clues”) but in one pdf. This is a Hamilton-themed pattern with references to the show and A. Hamilton’s life worked into the instructions for a generous cowl with a really cool construction.

Click here for a video tutorial for how to style and wear the cowl.

Gotta question? Come see the Planning Thread right here or take a look at the Parade of Finished Cowls as well.

It require 3 different colors of DK/light Worsted weight yarn in the following amounts:

175 yards of C1, 
150 yards of C2, and 
170 yards of C3

I used Miss Bab’s Yowza Trios (which are 3 different colors with 200 yards of DK yarn each).