Passport Mitts

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Passport Mitts
Passport Mitts
Passport Mitts

These long and elegant cabled fingerless mitts are a wonderful addition to your wardrobe and they make the perfect gift. This fun and engaging knit is a companion to The Wayfarer Hat.


Designed with extra stitches near the thumb gusset to better center the motif down the back of the hand.


In addition to written instructions, charts are provided for each size and thumb gusset.


Skills Needed: Working in the round; knitting through the back loop; cables; Backwards-Loop Cast-On; picking up stitches; k2tog, p2tog, m1, kfb.

Sizes:  Women’s Small (Large).  Pattern is worked with zero to negative ease for a snug fit.

Circumference at Widest Part of Hand:  6 ½ (7 ½) in. [16.5 (19.1) cm].

Length:  approx. 7 ¾ in. [19.7 cm].  

Which Size Should You Make?                     


 Your Hand  Measurement (at widest part)

6 ½ – 7 ½ in.

[16.5-19.1 cm]

7 ½ – 8 ½ in.

[19.1-21.6 cm]

 Pattern Size



Yarn:  Approximately 200 yds. [183 meters] DK yarn.  

Needles:  DPNs in US size 2 [2.75 mm] and US size 3 [3.25 mm] (or size needed to obtain gauge), or appropriate needles for your preferred style of knitting in the round. 


Test-knit and tech edited.