Hedge Maze & Pathways Cowl

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Hedge Maze & Pathways Cowl
Hedge Maze & Pathways Cowl
Hedge Maze & Pathways Cowl
Hedge Maze & Pathways Cowl


The combination of mosaic patterns and stockinette brioche makes me think of a grand garden with a beautiful hedge maze, meandering pathways, and long stretches of lush green grass. Loose yourself in the meditative slipping of stitches and fascinating textures you’ll create with fun mosaic knitting and the always impressive brioche. Wrap it twice for a long and lovely accent piece, or triple wrap it for cozy warmth. This pattern is a great introduction to mosaic and brioche knitting, as well as provisional cast on and three needle bind off, with detailed written instruction and links to tutorials in case you get stuck.

This pattern has been tech edited and test knitted.


Old Rusted Chair Squish DK 
250 yds/229 meters, 115g/4.06oz 
4 ply 100% Superwash Merino 
1 skein per color (sample used almost all of it up)

Sample in 
Color A - Goblet Green 
Color B - Ridin’ Out the Storm 
Color C - Moondance

US8 for mosaic (3) - 1 extra needed for bind off 
US6 circular or double pointed needles for brioche 
Scrap Yarn 
Crochet Hook 
Tapestry Needle

10 sts x 10 rows = 2” mosaic garter, blocked

Approx 9.5” wide x 65” circumference (each mosaic section and brioche striping is approx 20” pre-blocking, with garter ridges in between those sections)

Techniques / Abbreviations 
Provisional Cast On 
Knit - K 
Slip purlwise with yarn in back 
Slip purlwise with yarn in front 
Brioche Knit - brk 
Brioche Purl - brp 
(Brioche) Slip 1 yarn over -sl1yo 
Knit Front & Back of St - KFB 
3 Needle Bind Off