Flowers of Traken

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Flowers of Traken
Flowers of Traken

The shawl “Flowers of Traken” is a crescent shaped shawl with a large flower and fan border. It’s knitted from the top-down and ends in the border.

The smaller version with 14 chart-repeats is more kerchief size and the big version with 18 chart-repeats is a good shawl size to stay on the shoulders.

The name is inspired from the Doctor Who episode “The Keeper of Traken” in which the Doctor lands on a very peaceful planet. One of the opening scenes shows a girl bringing flowers to a statue of the god Melkur.


Size: 115cm x 40cm (42'' x 15'') [145cm x 50cm (57'' x 20'')]

Needles: 3.0mm (US 2.5)

Yarn: 285m [603] (311 yards [660 yards]) of cobweb yarn

Difficulty: Lace

Pattern has both CHART and WRITTEN Instructions. ATM only the charted version is added, write to me for the written version.