First Point of Libra

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First Point of Libra
First Point of Libra
First Point of Libra
First Point of Libra
First Point of Libra

A casual garter wrap is the perfect accessory for the warm days and cool nights of late summer and early fall here in the northern hemisphere. This triangular shawl uses a gradient set of five, plus 550 yards of the same base in a very light color that plays nicely with your gradient. Natural, white, or very light grey are good options for most gradients. (You could also make your MC very dark and work the gradients in reverse order.) 

22 stitches in 4 inches of garter stitch


Skills required:
• Long-tail cast-on
• Decreasing
• Increasing
• Picking up stitches (All but a very few of the picked-up stitches are along a slipped-stitch garter edge, which takes away all the guesswork.)


This is a very easy, low stress knit. You won’t need the pattern in front of you except at the beginning and end of a clue. Great for travel or porch knitting. The simple design lets the yarn do all the work.


Yardage details (lightest to darkest):
• Main color - 550
• C1 - 80
• C2 - 80
• C3 - 85
• C4 - 85
• C5 - 105