PatternVine Seller Pricing

Listing patterns on PatternVine is free.  When you sell a pattern through us, you pay 3.5% commission to PatternVine.  

PatternVine Included STANDARD SERVICES  

As a Seller on PatternVine you get:

  • Designer profile page
  • Direct contact email button on designer profile page
  • Free pattern listings
  • PatternVine receives a commission of 3.5% of the retail price of each pattern you sell
  • PatternVine receives a commission of 3.5% of the discounted wholesale rate of each pattern you sell through an approved PatternVine wholesale customer.  So, if they sell a pattern with the full retail price of $10, they receive a discount of 40% off that retail price.  So, they're paying $6 for your pattern at a wholesale rate.  PatternVine then receives 3.5% of that $6 for that wholesale transaction.


PatternVine offers Silver Seller Services that include the services listed below, and will be available for a monthly subscription of $7, or at a discounted annual rate of $70 per year, billed automatically.

Here's what these services will include:

  • Custom Hashtagging for Instagram - You create your UNIQUE hashtag, put it on all of the project posts you'd like to have show up on PatternVine's homepage Instagram feed AND ask your followers to tag their projects with your unique hashtag and their projects will show up too!*. To use this service, the hashtagged photos must name the PatternVine listed pattern of yours they reference in order for us to make your work as a "Shop This Look" image.  See the following for details about "Shop This Look".

  • Shop This Look - Images you post of your designs on the PatternVine Design Gallery will be linked to their corresponding product listing on PatternVine to allow PatternVine customers to "Shop This Look" which means if they see an awesome design, for example a sweater worn by your model, and they like what they see, they can click through to the design directly from the gallery.  In order to participate in "Shop This Look" designer must have corresponding pattern posted and available for sale BEFORE "Shop This Look" can be activated on any photo post.

  • FOR YEARLY SUBSCRIBERS ONLY:  Post Products on Your Site - Are you a designer with a "Portfolio" website where you show photos of your designs, but don't have a shopping cart?  No problem!  We can work with you to make a maximum of FIVE (5) of your top PatternVine patterns available for sale on YOUR site - complete with checkout! This is perfect for making your top patterns available directly to customers - for highlighting the products you want to bring to your fans' attention!  We'll send you the code you need to put the products on your site.  The side note here is that we are not able to do the install for you on your site, but we do provide the code you need.

*PatternVine reviews all hashtagged photos for relevance and to make sure they adhere to PatternVine's Content Policies.   PatternVine reserves the right to reject potential posts without notification to the posting account or designer.