Customers - How to Enable/Disable Social Profile

Even if you've completely set up your social profile on PatternVine, you can disable it without losing all of your settings!  

[NOTE: As of August 7, 2019 we are working to remove the birthday and email fields from the social profiles.]

To DISABLE your Social Profile:

1.  Log into your account via the home page on  You can get to the login screen by clicking on "Log In" on the left side of the PatternVine site:


2.  Go to your account by clicking on your name.  Your name will appear where "Log In" was on the home page, once you've successfully logged into the site.  When you log in and click on your name, you'll see your account page:


3.  Click on "My Profile" to go to your Social Profile.  You'll be looking at the "private" view of your Social Profile as shown below.  The example here has not been set up with photos yet - but you can do that from the button shown in brown in this example - it says "Configure My Account".  Click "Configure My Account":

4.  You'll see this screen. Scroll down on that screen to find the toggle switch named "Profile Active".  If it's green, your profile is public.  To make your profile private without losing your profile date, switch it to red.  See the examples here:

5.  Next, click "Save".

If you have any further questions, check out our FAQ or email us at [email protected]