Celebrating the Diversity of Designers and Makers

At PatternVine we value the things that make each designer and maker unique.  We celebrate the beautiful diversity of people who write patterns and people who like to make things using those patterns!  So, we offer our designers the opportunity to tag their patterns with what we call Facets.  Facets are self-identifiers that let designers highlight aspects of themselves makers might want to search for. 

We welcome all designers and all makers, and want to make the process of connecting the two as easy and enjoyable for each as possible!  The three Facets available for searches at present are:  BIPOC, LGBTQ, and DISABILITY.  We've begun with this set of Facets in order to help make members of these communities visible in the greater crafting community.  

Designers are in no way required to select Facets - it is entirely up to them.  This is just a way for people who want to help support members of these communities through pattern purchases to find designers who identify as such.

In the end, we're about creating an open marketplace with opportunities for designers to share their brilliance with makers who want to make beautiful things!  It's that simple - and we're just so grateful you're here!

 Thanks for being a part of PatternVine!