Ladianne Henderson

Although I’ve always been a creative person, I didn’t start knitting until 2012. I can’t quite put my finger on what made me start, but I had an interest in learning how sweaters were made and needed to do something to keep my hands busy. A coworker at the time now one of my dearest friends encouraged me to get started, and I made it my New Year’s Resolution to learn. It’s probably the only resolution I’ve ever kept! I had no idea how much knitting would change my life when I picked up my first set of needles, and I can’t imagine my life any other way.

I often consider myself someone with too many hobbies. I love being outdoors whether it’s hiking with my pups, rock climbing, or riding bikes. I honestly get a bit stir-crazy if active time outdoors isn’t in the mix for me! I also love watching horror flicks with my husband, playing the occasional video game, and reading. At the end of the day, though, I’m always knitting. Knitting is my primary creative outlet, but I do try to squeeze in other fiber-related crafts when I find the time.

Knitting becamemy career for two reasons I both took a leap and was in the right place at the right time. Prior to landing a design job at Universal Yarn, I was in the field of social work. Shortly before I saw the job posting, I had dabbled in design for fun and had my work featured in Knitty and Pom Pom Quarterly. Designing quickly became a great outlet for my creative energy. When the position became available at Universal Yarn, I almost didn’t apply at all. Knowing how much I loved knitting, though, my husband encouraged me to apply. The rest is history! I feel so lucky to have landed a job in the industry.

Working for a yarn company offers the challenge of constantly coming up with lots of different ideas for many different yarns. On a freelance and independent basis, I have enjoyexploring the extra ideas swirling around my brain. Ultimately, my goal is to keep my designs approachable, wearable, and fun to knit. I tend to enjoy simple silhouettes with interesting details. If asked to pick a favorite, I’d have to say that cables and colorwork are my design sweet spot.

I’m now the creative lead at Universal Yarn and my work has been published in various print publications. My designs have been featured in Laine Magazine, Interweave Knits, Knitscene, Wool People, PomPom Quarterly, Knitting Magazine, and Knitty. I also independently publish designs.

You can find my admittedly out-of-date website here: the best place to follow me is on Instagram where I’m @rachbrocknits


Cache sweater Gretna Hat  Helen Cowl by Rachel Brockman
Rachel Brockman Sock Pattern Lunaberry by Rachel Brockman Nuthatch by Rachel Brockman
Rainier by Rachel Brockman Rivulet by Rachel Brockman Switchback


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