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Hi everyone!  I’m Carol Herman of Knit Equals Joy Designs, hailing from the beautiful state of Oregon.  I’ve lived here with my family for nearly 30 years, and this place is one of the inspirations for my design work.

I love to create designs that are fun to make – not too hard, but interesting enough to be engaging.  I try to include something a little different in each of my designs, whether it’s an unusual combination of stitches or a new way to look at color.

My knitting story is this: my mother tried to teach me to knit when I was little, but I couldn’t translate her left-handed knitting to my right-handedness.  Finally, my sister taught me to knit in 2007, and the craft united all of my previous creative endeavors perfectly.  Knitting brings together my love for color, texture, and pattern.  Little did I know when we sat down for that first lesson that I would discover a passion.  Thank you, Kathy!

I was a school teacher straight out of college.  It was a good career, but being a person who relishes peace and quiet, it wasn’t the perfect fit for me.  My second career, one that’s now going on its 22nd year, involves lots of numbers and communication.  The skill sets from both careers dovetail right into pattern-writing.  Teaching was fabulous training for writing clear, concise, logical patterns.

Someone once asked, “If you could describe knitting in one word, what would that one word be?”  My answer was “joy,” and “Knit Equals Joy” followed not long after.  I find joy in knitting, in working with yarn, in thinking of color combinations, in plotting the next design.  I hope to bring joy to others through my designs.

Design inspiration flows from many sources: a striking color combination, some fabulous new yarn, a funny conversation.  Keys for me are color and beauty, with a touch of whimsy. 

My designs include a variety of types of projects, from sweaters to fingerless mitts to hats.  And pumpkins!  I love all things Fall, and I love pumpkins!  Since 2015, I have published a pumpkin pattern each year, with two pumpkin patterns in 2018.  The patterns have included a cabled pumpkin, a miniature pumpkin knit flat, and four colorwork pumpkins.  Each of the colorwork designs includes multiple charts for more knitting fun.  Most of the colorwork charts are my original designs, although several are adapted from Andrea Rangel’s Alterknit Stitch Dictionary.  I love designing pumpkins and plan to continue releasing an annual pumpkin each year. 

Designs in the works include (of course) next year’s pumpkin, a slipstitch fingering weight sweater, and, if I can figure out the mechanics, a colorwork bunny for next Spring.  If not a bunny, perhaps colorwork Easter eggs will transpire.  I never know exactly where the inspiration will take me, but I know that it will be the next thing that needs to come out of my mind and hands, and I look forward to sharing it with you.   


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